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For our valued partners and trade professionals, we've collected all of our imagery, technical sheets, marketing materials, labels, and awards information in one, easy-to-use location. You may also contact us directly about any additional needs.

2019 Julia Rosé

Our 2019 Julia Rose is intriguing and contemplative. We fermented clean  racked juice in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures over the course  of many weeks. What was new for 2019, was the addition of Mourvedre.  Making up 6% of the blend, Mourvedre, adds a hint of earthy complexity  to the otherwise jubilant composition.  This wine has beautiful, soft aromatics with flowery flavors to match. There is bright acidity running  throughout with a hint of limestone inspired chalk on the bone-dry finish. 

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2019 Three Sisters Cuvée White Wine

Our 2019 Three Sisters White is inviting and versatile. The bright aromatics and crisp flavors are elegant which can also be enjoyed as an aperitif. The wine possesses brilliant cleansing acidity, as such, it will pair nicely with your favorite summer foods. Predominantly fermented and aged in Stainless Steel, just enough French Oak is layered in to add depth a hint of the chalky minerality.  Nicely chilled, this wine is very refreshing and lean. As it acclimates in the wine glass, additional weight and complexity will follow. This lovely wine pairs well with sunny days and good friends.

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2019 Glacier Ridge Chardonnay

Our 2019 Glacier Ridge Chardonnay is a beautiful wine with impeccable balance. Thanks to the growing popularity of our Proprietor’s Reserve Chardonnay program, we had more French Oak available for fermentation than in years past. Utilizing once and twice-used French Oak barrels for fermentation and subsequent aging, added some gorgeous depth to this wine. Having the other 82% entirely in stainless steel kept the focus and clean edges you have come to expect. The aromatics are flowery and bright with underlying tones of vanilla and medium toasted French Oak. The palate is juicy and rich yet framed in by fantastic acidity.  We are incredibly proud of this wine and are delighted to share it for your enjoyment.

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2017 Three Sisters Cuvée Red Wine

90 points Wine Enthusiast
90 points Vinous

This wine, vibrant ruby in appearance, offers elegant yet concentrated aromas and flavors of ripe cherries and vanilla. Grenache wholeheartedly embraces chalky soils, translating them into a silky, mineral-laden structure. These positive attributes are why we chose Grenache as the driving force behind our 2017 Three Sisters Red. The addition of Syrah, Petite Sirah & Mourvèdre help polish the presentation of this wine. Incredibly focused fruit and supple, mid-weight tannins play very nicely against the firm acid backbone. Possessing bright exuberance, this vintage will play nicely with a variety of food pairings but has the etiquette to be sipped on its own. 

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2017 Randolph Red Wine

92 points Wine Enthusiast

This untraditional blend has a harmonious ease about it. With a dense, dark color and supple mouthfeel, this versatile wine overdelivers at every turn. The nose has an unmistakable spice courtesy of the Bordeaux varietals and jammy, lush flavors on the palate. The ripe flavor profile allows this wine to be sipped as an aperitif while the plush weight on the palate makes it a perfect food wine as well. 

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2017 Bunkhouse Cabernet Sauvignon

90 points Wine Enthusiast
92 points Vinous, Josh Reynolds

Accompanying traditional notes of black currant, the nose is brimming with aromas of coffee, chocolate and baking spice. The entry to the palate is very elegant, with supple tannin countering a luxurious weight. The mid-palate is flush with sweet, red fruit flavors framed with hints of oak spice and tobacco. A robust wine of impeccable balance, this vintage will continue to evolve for years to come. 

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2018 Bunkhouse Cabernet Sauvignon

In a constant effort to learn and improve our quality, we conduct barrel trials at the winery every harvest. Over the course of time, we have identified specific cooperages, producing barrels that harmonize beautifully with our wines. The 2018 Bunkhouse Cabernet Sauvignon has a slightly higher percentage of new oak than we typically have used in the past. Varietal purity is still a hallmark, with lush, bright red fruit character and a finely grained tannin structure. The barrel program helped us achieve an elegant density, asserting its presence on your palate. Enjoy over the next decade with your favorite grilled fare.

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2017 The Pergola Petite Sirah

Our Estate-grown Petite Sirah possesses a combination of power and grace.  The intense purple color properly indicates that this is a bold wine. The silky, yet elegant structure will pleasantly surprise you.  It’s firm acidity from lead-in to finish maintains the fine balance of this wine. The aromatics and flavors of soft, sweet fruit layered with hints of vanilla are stunning.  The secondary aromas of violets and damp clay add complexity and length. This wine is quite versatile and will transition seamlessly from main course to an after-dinner cheese plate. 

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This wine displays a beautiful harmony between the sweet concentrated, briary fruit character and the soft earthiness born of our clay-laden soils. Notes of blackberry and sweet sage layered upon aromatics of wet clay.  With a bit of aeration, the wine relaxes into a mid-weight tannin profile. There is elegant acidity framing the wine throughout, providing a very clean composition. This wine is very versatile in food pairings but pairs well with pork and poultry.  

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2017 Lone Tree Cabernet Franc

90 points Wine Enthusiast - Editor's Choice

The freshly opened wine manages to impress but evolves into something magnificent with gentle aeration. Upon pulling the cork, the nose is skewed towards the savory, with hints of olive tapenade and dried sage. These notes darken and evoke to slightly sweetened malty chocolate. The palate is consistent, with finely grained tannin supporting flavors of coffee, cassis and blackberry.

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2018 Lone Tree Cabernet Franc

As a varietal, Cabernet Franc possesses an abundance of depth and texture. The tannin profile of our 2018 Lone Tree Cabernet Franc is extremely deep and layered. The focal point of this wine is tactile sensation, with the beautiful aromatics and flavors being the “icing on the cake”. The mid-palate has elegant flavors, combining notes of coffee, pipe tobacco and graphite shavings. The acidity is firm enough to provide a stable counter, keeping the wine bright and fresh throughout. This wine will comfortably age over the next 10 years becoming more graceful with time. If enjoyed in its youth, we recommend gentle aeration along with your favorite cheese.

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2017 Pico Creek Merlot

This vintage of Pico Creek Merlot was influenced heavily by the heat during that period and you will find it to be a delicious outlier from our typical profile. This wine is big, juicy and unapologetically ripe. The nose is chocolaty with dense aromas of dark stone fruits. Decadent flavors are carried on the palate by a velvety tannin profile and framed in by firm acidity.

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2018 Pico Creek Merlot

It pleases us immensely that Merlot is once again appreciated (as it always should have been). Our 2018 Pico Creek Merlot is a powerfully built, elegant wine, full of layered depth. The color in the glass is a deep, dark ruby red. The nose is warm and inviting with aromas of dark stone fruits and iron shavings. On the palate, this wine reveals a beautifully textured tannin structure courtesy of the limestone laden soil in which the grapes were grown. Possessing impeccable balance, you will find this wine to be harmonious with most traditional red wine food pairings. This wine will easily lay down in your cellar for the next decade, but we do not see the need to deny yourself the pleasure of drinking it before much time passes.

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2016 Babicora Malbec

As a varietal, Malbec is normally not lauded for density of color or noteworthy tannin structure. Happy to break the mold, this wine is exceptionally balanced and built for distance. The vibrant and complex nose yields to a beautifully-refined chalky structure on the mid-palate. Notes of dark stone fruit and winter spice are layered with hints of medium toasted oak. While an outlier in some regards, the 2016 possesses the refreshing acidity that is a hallmark of our Malbec.

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2017 Babicora Malbec

Planted in very sandy soils at the far-western edge of our property, these grapes are one of the most expressive of our estate-grown wines. Having rounded out the blend with Petit Verdot and Cabernet Sauvignon, we believe this to be our best Malbec wines we have produced. The 2017 vintage leads with a gorgeous nose of sweet violets, bright red fruit and hints of vanilla. This wine is silky and beautifully textured on the mid-palate. There is a refined softness to the presentation that is countered by a great acid profile. Balanced enough to be enjoyed on its own, well-mannered enough to be enjoyed with a delicious meal.

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2018 Carpoforo Zinfandel

The addition of 18% Petite Sirah has added depth of color and structure, however, this wine screams Zinfandel from start to finish. Intensely concentrated on the nose, our 2018 Carpoforo Zinfandel offers zesty notes of bright stone fruit and blackberry kirsch. A hint of sweet vanilla-spiced oak is layered on the mid-palate along with flavors of boysenberry and baking chocolate. This wine is soft and supple yet is framed beautifully by a robust acidic backbone. This wine will easily age for 5 to 7 years.

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2017 GSM Reserve Red Wine

91 points Wine Enthusiast

Lively crimson in color the weight of this wine is apparent from the first pour.  The aromatics are un-mistakenly Rhone; Candied Blackberry, cassis and bramble perfume the glass.  Dark ripe cherry and baker’s chocolate can be found on the palate and are carried to the finish by elegant tannins that create the framework on which to base this opulent and richly textured wine.  This wine is very limited in quantity and may not be available in future vintages.

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2017 Pancho Petit Verdot

93 Points Wine Enthusiast- Cellar Selection

With beautifully pure aromatics, dripping with juicy flavors, this is one of the more decadent wines we’ve ever produced. Our Estate vineyard yields Petit Verdot of great depth and expression. From the fragrant, blackberry preserve aromatics to its gorgeous texture, this wine is long on personality. The presence of the small percentage of Malbec adds to the expressiveness of the nose and bolsters the acidity to create a composed framework. While robust enough to pair with your favorite meats, this wine is well mannered enough to be enjoyed alone. 

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2017 Proprietor's Reserve Chardonnay

92 Points Wine Enthusiast 

Simply put, our 2017 Proprietor’s Reserve Chardonnay is a stunner. It carries itself in a regal manner and possesses many attributes of world-class Chardonnay. Regality aside, there is also a disarming ease which only adds to its charm and versatility. Upon pulling the cork, there are beautiful aromas of sweet hay, freshly cut apple with hints of medium toasted French Oak. While firm, the acidic backbone stays elegantly in the background, constantly keeping the presentation fresh. The supple palate is laden with pure varietal Chardonnay notes and hints of limestone. We couldn’t be more proud of this vintage and are excited to release it to our members. The wine is drinking very nicely now but will happily cellar for upwards of 10 years if so desired.

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2016 Proprietor's Reserve Chardonnay

Immediately upon opening, the nose offers up aromas of crisp pineapple, lemon grass and hints of sweet oak. Pause to admire the pale straw color of the wine and give the glass a few swirls. With a bit of air, the nose opens up and yields notes of honeysuckle, dried straw and medium toasted oak.

Extensive stirring of the lees in the early stages has helped create a beautiful balance between the resolute acidity and silky weight on the mid-palate. In addition to the firm backbone created by acidity, there are clean mineral notes framing in the lush flavors. With a finish that is elegant and refreshing, this is gorgeously layered wine that will age gracefully over the next decade. 

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2018 Proprietor's Reserve Chardonnay

 For all the beautiful aspects of this wine, they owe a debt of gratitude to the amazing acidity that is the linchpin of the entire presentation. Our 2018 Proprietor’s Reserve Chardonnay possesses impeccable balance: harmonizing aromatics, flavor, texture and the aforementioned acid profile. In your glass, this wine will greet you with a bright, light, golden-straw color. The buoyant nose is framed in with notes of oak spice from the medium toasted barrels in which the wine was fermented and aged. The wine unfolds on the palate with layers of creamy texture and juicy flavors leading to an elegant and succinct finish. There is a powerful youth to this wine that will help it age out with grace over the next 10+ years.

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2017 Proprietor's Reserve The Point

Bordeaux varietals are revered for so many wonderful traits it can be difficult to single out individual strengths. The varied tannin profiles offered by the components of our 2017 Point create a beautifully woven foundation upon which this decadent wine is built. The nose is soft and supple, showing notes of ripe stone fruit layered upon hints of creamy vanilla. The dense mid-palate delivers flavors of dark chocolate and cherries in harmony with nicely balanced acidity. All the while, chalky, velvety tannin carry this wine towards an elegant finish. Enjoy now through 2030.

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2016 Proprietor's Reserve The Point

Our 2016 Point is a gorgeous, harmonious blend. 5 different varietals, playing nicely and contributing to the effort. While Cabernet Sauvignon is in the main driver at 31%, not one single varietal overtly asserts its presence in this wine. Rather, each varietal lends its strength in support of the composition. The color is a dense, garnet red in the glass. The initial aromatic notes are rich and warm with hints of malted chocolate. As you continue to inhale, beautiful, dark fruit notes intertwined with those of medium toasted French Oak fill your senses. This wine is juicy and supple on the mid-palate with a finely grained tannin structure bolstering the presentation through a graceful finish. As the 2016 aerates, the tannins trend towards an elegant chalkiness leaving no mystery about the soil composition in which the grapes were grown. Having been in bottle for over a year this wine is drinking quite beautifully. However, if you prefer a little age on your Bordeaux blends, this wine will evolve over the next 5 – 7 years.

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2015 Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

Our 2015 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of impressive structure and balance. Aromatically this wine exhibits notes of blackberry preserve, layered with spicy medium-toasted oak. As the bouquet opens up in the glass, the oak influence recedes, allowing traditional Cabernet Sauvignon aromas of black currant to shine through. There is an alluring density to the aromatics that foretells a great potential for cellaring this vintage. The limestone rich soils of Paso Robles make their presence known in the chalky tannins that build on the mid-palate and shoulder a regal weight. The acid profile is prominent enough to frame in all the youthful exuberance this wine has to offer and carry through to a graceful and composed finish.

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2016 Proprietor's Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon

94 points Wine Enthusiast

This wine possesses a beautiful intensity with beautiful color. After 16+ months in bottle, it is abundantly evident that our 2016 Proprietor’s Reserve Cabernet Sauvignon will evolve for many years to come. The color in the glass is inky and dense. The nose itself, also possesses substantial density. There are aromas of cassis, blackberry and kirsch layered in with those of medium toasted French Oak. Even as the wine has been allowed to breath for an extended period, the aromatics remain true and contemplative. The rich flavors are carried by a tightly wound tannin profile. With gentle aeration, the tannin softens and serves as a beautiful counter to the bright acidity that runs throughout. From the farming practices in the vineyard throughout the winemaking, there is no detail too small to pass over. This absolute stunner of a wine is truly a small-batch gem and a perfect special occasion wine.

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2016 Muscat of Alexandria

Our 2016 Muscat of Alexandria reveals enticing and exuberant aromas of mandarin blossoms, peach and honey. On the palate the flavors of ripe tropical fruits are layered harmoniously with zesty citrus undertones. Clean finishing and refreshing, this wine is a balance between the noticeable honey-like residual sugar and natural bracing acidity. The Muscat of Alexandria is a perfect pairing to complement dessert or even as an aperitif. 

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