42% Viognier, 24% Marsanne, 21% Grenache Blanc, 11% Roussanne, 2% Picpoul Blanc

The 2013 Three Sisters Cuvee is a wonderful Rhone-style blend that highlights the strong points of each varietal within. There is a beautiful purity to the Viognier-dominant nose. Aromas of honeysuckle and lemon peel are supported by those of dried straw and flint. The Marsanne component adds a lush weight to the mid-palate that is tempered by the crisp acidity of the Grenache Blanc. Roussanne lends a spicy bit of intrigue to the flavor spectrum while the sharp acidity of the Picpoul creates well-defined edges and a clean lingering finish. Overall this is a wine of great depth that is very easy to enjoy.

Technical Data:

Alcohol: 14.4%
Total Acidity: .61 g/100 mL
pH: 3.52
Cooperage: 70% Stainless, 30% Neutral Oak
Bottled: August 2014
Released: October 2014