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2014 Cabernet Sauvignon

The 2014 Bunkhouse Cabernet Sauvignon is a wine of nuanced depth. By utilizing four noble Bordeaux varietals in supportive roles, we were able to add intrigue while keeping this wine true to its roots. 

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/ 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon "Bunkhouse"
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2015 Chardonnay,

The story of our 2015 Glacier Ridge Chardonnay is one of restrained elegance. Sourced from a vineyard just inland from Monterey Bay, the clusters reached a sufficient level of maturity to present pure varietal character while maintaining a firm acidic backbone for balance.

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2013 Petite Sirah,

93 points Wine Enthusiast

We are immensely proud of our 2013 Petite Sirah.  This wine manages to be both decadent and versatile, which is no small feat!  During our blending trials the descriptors of chocolate, sweet bacon fat, vanilla and spiced stone fruits made numerous appearances. 

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/ 2013 Petite Sirah
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2013 Red Wine

The nose opens with bright Grenache driven notes of concentrated raspberry jam. As you continue to inhale, the Mourvedre component delivers secondary notes of spice and hints of wet earth. The dominant Syrah portion brings flavors of ripe plum and structured depth to the mid-palate. This wine has a playful mid-weight viscosity which makes it at ease with or without food.

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/ 2013 3SR
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2013 Malbec

91 Points- Josh Raynolds, Vinous

90 points Wine Enthusiast

Vibrant aromas of concentrated cherries intermingle with sweet spice notes to create an alluring nose.  The minimalistic oak regime let varietal character shine the brightest while providing a steadfast backbone and lush mouthfeel.

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/ 2013 Malbec "Babicora"
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2013 Cabernet Franc,

91 points- Josh Raynolds, Vinous

Primary aromas of dark cherry and tobacco are buoyed by secondary tones of violets and wet earth.  On the palate, flavors of dark stone fruits are accentuated by hints of medium toasted French oak and clean mineral notes.  The firm yet finely textured tannins carry the wine to a well-composed finish of exceptional length.

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/ 2013 Cab Franc
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2013 Barrel Select Red Cuvée

92 points- Josh Raynolds, Vinous

The dominant Cabernet Sauvignon is evident throughout, from the creamy cassis notes on the nose to the elegantly structured mid-palate. Malbec brought levity to this wine in the form of brighter secondary aromas and well composed acidity. The exceptional length of this wine is a testament to the power of Petit Verdot. While this late ripening varietal may not be flamboyant it can add depth and texture elevating a blend to new heights. The 2013 Point is a thoughtful and well-constructed wine that will continue to open up and evolve over the next 10+ years.

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/ 2013 Barrel Select Red Cuvée "The Point"
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2013 Tempranillo

Upon pulling the cork, this wine is like an excited puppy trying to jump out of the glass; brimming with bright stone fruit and sweet vanilla notes. Give it a few swirls and secondary aromas of wet clay, tobacco and leather make their presence known in a more dignified manner. A velvety plush palate carries flavors of ripe plums, sweet sage and cranberry.

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/ 2013 Tempranillo "Chileno"
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